Cost Effective HR and Payroll Service in Bangladesh

We make sure our clients get best outsourcing payroll services by making sure of your employees’ accurate payment process on time is critical. But for that to happen, you need two things: accurate, up-to-date accounting records, and a dependable payroll service provider who is already leading the industry. REIT outsourcing company can take care of your outsourcing payroll service needs. We can provide your business with a back-end payroll processing service, where-by you simply send us all relevant payroll information a weekly, monthly, or other intervals.

Offshore Payroll outsourcing is the performance of assigning payroll organizational activates to a third party situated in an offshore destination. Usually, corporations contract out their payroll tasks to reduce costs, and to get superior services. We can also cut your worker salaries on behalf of you and this is how we can help you to save a lot of time. Moreover, such corporations can focus on core business activities as because they will get more time to do their sensitive job responsibilities.


Minimize Risk with our A+ Payroll Services

Fabulous outsourcing finance administrations kills the requirement for a full-time worker to handle finance errands which eventually spares cash. That’s why we offer a cluster of comprehensive, tried and true, and reasonable finance handling alternatives, as well as time-saving HR products—allowing you to select what works best for you and your company. No got to stress almost the complexities of the continually changing finance rules. With our specialists on the work, compliance is certain.

We process your payroll on robust state-of-the-art solutions. In addition to a full array of hr services offerings, see our Services menu for details, we enable you to get your payroll hours and changes to us via telephone, fax, e-mail, or our fully secure internet portal

We like to keep our services at a competitive price, yet more versatile and flexible as per your requirements. The company also pledged to provide a readily available office team to assist you on rare occasions when problems arise.

Flexible and Cost Effective Payroll Processing Services‎

Creating and maintaining employee profiles on the Payroll system.

Overseeing time and participation, Handling of Weekly/Bimonthly/Monthly Finance from the timesheet, Calculation of Net Paychecks, Calculation of Government / State charges for Manager and Representative, Finance Diary, and Finance Outline Sheet, Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Returns.

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Platinum HR

Employees are key resource of your business. Keeping that in mind, we provide you with the tools you need to make the most of that assets. With our industry-leading HR service and support center, you can enjoy multiple facilities. This includes access to relevant articles, downloadable handbooks, create and manage job descriptions, and HR laws research facilities. To make things even easier, our company provides Personalized HR support from competent, and experienced professionals.

Real Accounting

It is not just basic record-keeping. It’s true double-entry accounting that would make an accountant or tax prep pro smile.

Professional Reporting

Need a profit and loss statement? How about a balance sheet or reports on receivables or transaction activity? We give you the financial reports you need in just a few taps.

Support you can rely on

Our highly active and productive customer support team assists you with every inquiry or problem you might face. Customers can decide their preferable fields of contact such as email, phone, chat, social website, and much more.

Our Offshore Payroll Outsourcing Services Brings The Following Benefits At Your Doorstep:

More Efficient:

Our Outsourcing payroll service means you are handing over to manage your payroll systems to the professionals. These professionals’ only job is to take care of the payroll system. This way, you obtain some dedicated, skilled people to sustain your payroll.


With our outsourcing services, you will get access to the tools and software that may cost you a fortune if you want these to buy for yourself. Moreover, as you are taking a package service, it’s less costly anyway.

Better security:

Our services can guarantee you better security. We dedicates their whole effort to provide a better service to our clients. We try to give our best to survive in the competition.

Peace of mind:

You need a cool head to run your business. There are things that you should get handled by yourself, and there are things you should give charge others to handle. Trusting us as a reliable and experienced payroll provider, we can reduce your stress on a significant level. It helps you to get the best at decision making, which is the most significant part of your business.

Save time:

As a payroll service provider, we going to save your time significantly. You have nothing to do with payroll once we takes over to handle the service. You can utilize this time for your business’s favor.