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A country’s major source of income dependents on its earning population. Most of the earnings of the government are generated by levying Personal Income tax of the population. It is mandatory to submit an annual tax return copy to the government. It is intended to verify the income and asset status of a client. A Personal Income tax ID has to obtain from the National Board of Revenue for taxation purposes.

A person needs to collect a copy of E-TIN through the website of the National Board of Revenue (NBR). Electronic Tax Identification Number Certificate (E-TIN) is a unique identification number provided to each individual by the National Board of Revenue. A person must come up with legal documents. It can be a national identification card or similar documents as identification proves in Bangladesh.

Our personal income tax service is a digital tax solution that is efficient, accessible, and inexpensive, and it provides high-quality, personalized tax advice. We can lead you through a review of your tax issues and leave you feeling in control with the help of proactive, professional Personal Income tax counsel. You may quickly prepare your taxes, file them electronically with the National Board of Revenue (NBR).

Tax Rate in Bangladesh

The Personal Income tax rate varies throughout the assessment years. This implies individual taxpayers of type, except for some special type taxpayers. This includes female taxpayers of 65 years and above, retired employees, and gazette war-wounded freedom fighters. The typical tax rates are:

Total Income Rate of Tax
Tk 250,000  0%
Tk 400,000  10%
Tk 500,000 15%
Tk 600,000 20%
Tk 3000,000 25%
Remaining amount 30%

The Personal Income tax rate is Tk. 5,000 for applicants living in Dhaka and Chittagong city corporation areas. Tk. 4,000 for applicants residing outside of city corporation areas. Tk. 3000 for the rest clients. Income Tax return filing is compulsory for both residents and non-residents of Bangladesh. It is a mandatory task imposed by The National Board of Revenue (NBR). Our Personal Income tax assessment services help you to calculate your tax return and submit it on time.

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01. E-TIN Certificate

According to the Act of Income-tax ordinance 1994, a tax clearance certificate refers to a document NBR issues. This goes parallel with government and Personal Income tax requirements. In Bangladesh, a tax clearance certificate is needed when tendering for government business contracts.

02. Work Permit

This includes residency or for the extension of work permits, seeking citizenship, etc. Besides, a Personal Income Tax clearance certificate is also needed by an expatriate leaving Bangladesh during his departure from Bangladesh, if he is not likely to return to Bangladesh.

03. Tax Filing

At OutsourcingBD, we provide Personal Income Tax return filing services in Bangladesh to our valued clients with the help of our group of Chartered Accountants, Income Tax Practitioners (ITP), Advocates, tax attorneys providing you with the highest benefits of knowledge and technical know-how.

04. Consulting Service

Personal Income Tax return filing in Bangladesh can be a complex area, so it is very much important to find a qualified and experienced professional that understands the complexities of taxation. Our consulting services will address issues in taxation to ensure the adoption of the best practices in Bangladesh according to the rules and regulations.

  • Calculate Clients’ Taxable Income

  • File Clients’ Supporting Documents

  • Summarize Clients’ Tax Liabilities

  • Create Clients’ Business Plans

  • Minimize Clients’ Tax Liability

  • Land and Property Income Tax

  • Capital Gains Tax

  • Residency and Taxation

  • Changes in Residency and Taxation

Our Personal Tax Services Manage Personal & Family Wealth With Strategic Tax & Financial Planning Advice

We at OutsourcingBD ensure both advantages to the individual and compliance according to Bangladesh Personal Income Tax policy. As per the requirement stated in the Finance Act, 2017, if an individual earns more than Tk. 250,000 during the income year then that person has to file income return according to the sources of income. 

However, the limit of maximum non-taxable income for women for senior taxpayers of 65 years and above age will be Tk. 300,000 and Tk 400,000 for physically challenged and retarded personnel.

Personal Income tax
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Our Tax Services Help To Manage Your Personal Tax Affairs

As legislation becomes more complex, efficient Personal Income Tax planning becomes more important, and we specialize in providing a bespoke service to match particular customer needs. Our Personal Income Tax services are designed to preserve your assets and keep you informed about matters that may affect you. We can create a detailed plan for your and your family’s future together, including tax-saving opportunities.

Successful Calculation Of Income & Tax Rebate

Right after the residential status assessment, an annual income of a person has to be determined and categorized. In this way, one can determine his/her payable Personal Income Tax amount. These heads are Income from Salary, Income from House property, Interest on securities, Income from business or profession, Agricultural Income, Capital Gain Income, and Income from other sources. For each head, he needs to submit specific documents as evidence of the income shown in the return. If any individual pays any amount of his income to a recommended govt. source, it will be entitled as a tax credit. Nevertheless, the payment must include necessary documental proves to keep it legit.

calculation of income tax
time limit to submit the tax return

Time Limit To Submit The Tax Return

A person has to submit a tax return on his annual income to the deputy commissioner of taxes. The E-TIN copy declares all the jurisdictions of a person and it is compulsory under the Personal Income Tax provision. It’s time to get confidence in your tax issues as the Bangladeshi tax system becomes increasingly complex. The Personal Income Tax service, which is delivered by a national team of private client specialists, leverages market-leading technology to enable you to get the high-quality, personalized personal tax advice you need at a price you can afford.

Consequences For The Failure Of Submission Of Tax Return

An individual has to pay penalties for failing to submit a return as per the rules of the Personal Income Tax Ordinance, 1984. This individual will also be accountable to pay additional charges for continuing default period. Various regulatory bodies of Bangladesh needs tax acknowledgment receipt for authorization purpose. One can obtain this paperwork by submitting a tax return.

Failure of income tax return
FAQ For Corporate Secretarial Services

FAQs For Personal Income Tax Services

Certainly! You may check the status of a refund in a variety of ways. You may receive your state tax refund in 7 to 10 business days if you submitted your return online, or 8 to 12 weeks if you mailed your return, due to the processing schedule in Bangladesh.

If you have any more questions or concerns about your current personal or corporate tax returns, we have the expertise to guide you through your situation. We can handle any tax problem for anyone in any tax rate, including high-asset individuals, small enterprises, and Fortune 500 corporations. Give us a call if you need additional information about your specific tax requirements.

We keep your data for as long as your account is active or as long as it is required to provide you with services. May we keep or use your information as long as it is needed to comply with our rules, legal responsibilities, settle disputes, or enforce our agreements. We must keep submitted tax returns for at least three years, according to the IRS.

Yes, we provide an online tax service that allows you to access our expertise whenever you choose. Get in touch with us to know more.

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