Phone Forwarding Service in Bangladesh

Call forwarding refers to the process of forwarding incoming calls that land on your business number to the right department or location. These calls can be forwarded on any landline or mobile phone. It provides the perfect solution to connect with your customers and to have their inquiries answered 24/7 which ensures the best customer experience and solutions. With REIT Ltd Resources you can get the reliability of a professional call forwarding system which will ensure that your incoming business leads never go unanswered. We offer a smartphone forwarding service in Bangladesh.

Our system allows for unlimited Call Forwarding options which are mainly useful if you have different clients, stakeholders, or customers calling in on the same Inbound Number.  For us your every call is important, no matter how many calls are received per day we can forward them to varied locations so that no calls are missed such as calls can be forwarded to the Customer Service Representative’s mobile, Accounts Department, or It Support Department’s number. Again if there are some criteria where the contact center does not present then the call can be forwarded to Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

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IVR Service

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system allows customers to interact through the telephone keypad or with a computer through speech recognition. IVR is very useful in situations when a contact center executive is not present, but customers still require interacting. REIT Ltd Resources provides an IVR service that is a cost-effective option for gaining an advantage over competitors and building customer satisfaction.

IVR can assist you to:

  • Makes you available 24/7 to your customers whenever required and from any location

  • Provides any sort of information about your business’ offerings

  • Take orders from customers

  • Forward customer’s calls to the specific company department or office

  • Customize menus, on-hold functions, and transfer options

Saves Time and Improves Productivity

REIT Ltd Resources call forwarding option reduces the manual effort of forwarding each incoming business call. It automates the entire process of forwarding your business calls. It helps to route and transfer calls to the right agent and department from anywhere and anytime without moving an inch.

  • Instantly configure your own customized rules to forward calls

  • Develop advanced forwarding schedule based on time of day

  • Calls can be received and work can be done from anywhere – calls can be forwarded to any number or device

Time and Improves Productivity

Our Smart Phone Forwarding Service Improves Customer Experience

Our Smart Phone Forwarding Service Improves Customer Experience
It will help you to connect to every customer that calls on your business phone number automatically to the most qualified agent. It will help to reduce the waiting time of customers, the number of call transfer errors, and the manual effort of routing inbound calls to resolve the queries and problems of your callers instantly. In this way, your bonding with your clients and customers will be strong which will result in the profitable outcome of your business.