Financial Statement Preparation in Bangladesh

Your financial statements need to be accurate and perfect no matter how big or small your business is. Financial statements can help you to get lower rates on loans and better forecast of cash flow. It also helps to make proper decisions for future business growth. However, doing in-house accounting often turn out to be inefficient, costly, and inaccurate. Azuwa Resources’ financial statement outsourcing service can be an efficient way to get rid of these deficiencies. We give business owners peace of mind by investing constantly to improve the accuracy and efficiency of their processes.

Financial Statement Preparation Service 

The financial statement is a vital factor of a business whether it is for a small retail business or a large multinational company that wants to grow in Bangladesh. It generally refers to the profit and loss statement. The financial statement demonstrates the profitability of the company over a period of time.

These financial reports and statements are generally prepared on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis to quickly estimate how well the business is currently performing and comparison of analysis through previous years. But the preparation of financial statements is a complex task because it involves a lot of calculations and complex procedures.

So, to automate the process, Azuwa Resources can be your most reliable partner to solve this complicacies. With our professional experience in working with businesses and investment funds we can offer highest quality complete financial statement preparation service that comprises of:

  • An Income Statement, recent standards which require a statement of comprehensive income

  • A Statement of changes in equity

  • A Balance sheet

  • A statement of Cash flows

  • Notes to financial statements or supplementary notes.

Preparation of Financial Statement -Azuwa Resources Approach

Accounting standards are varying worldwide and changing regulations, This means you need a partner who is always on the top to serve you with the best solutions to prepare all your financial need. We specialize in putting together high-quality financial reports within shortest possible times no matter how complex your financial statement is. Some of our key differentiators include –

  • Accurate and flawless statement preparation that ensure smooth corporate audits
  • Up to date maintenance and upkeep of records that can help you draw financial statements at any point in time
  • Compliance with country-specific statutory regulations and relevant accounting/auditing standards
  • Use of latest bookkeeping and accounting software such as QuickBooks, Quicken, MYOB, NetSuite, Peachtree, Intuit ProSeries, MAS 500, SAGE, MAS 90, MAS 200, and Lacerte
  • Generation of detailed financial reports along with expert analysis of financial statements
  • Error free preparation of statements ensured by rigorous quality measures that guarantee an accuracy level of more than 98%.

Compiled Financial Document

Get the assistance of skilled of Azuwa Resources for making any necessary corrections which is done in the simplest way and after final compilation of the financial statement document, it will be presented to the client in the standardized format.

Financial Document Prepared in the Most Presentable Way

We deliver detailed complied financial statements as required by the company’s management. At this point, we do not do verification of the accuracy of the numbers provided in the document and therefore we do not take any responsibility for the numbers, but at the same time, we ensure that no financial errors are present in the preparation of the financial reports. We make necessary corrections and then represent the document in a standardized format, complete with a balance sheet or income statement, but without any disclosures or footnotes.

Reviewed Financial Statements

In the reviewed financial statement we perform those procedures necessary to provide a logical basis where there are enhanced risks of misstatement for obtaining limited assurance that no material changes are required to bring the financial statements into compliance with the applicable financial reporting framework.

Financial Statements That Demonstrates Business Goals

We put extreme endeavor to understand the nature of your business, its mission, and goals, which help us to prepare financial reports that look beyond the statistics and tell the whole story. A reviewed financial statement gives a complete picture of the business background. To prepare reviewed financial statements you need a higher level of service which is more detailed and thorough than a normally compiled statement preparation. We double-check the integrity of your data and perform an additional investigation to identify items that require further analysis.

Other Accounting Services

Our accounting skill will make you interested to further extend your services with us. We have professional level of experience that can fulfill every financial needs of our client. From account keeping to bank reconciliation services we are there in your every need.

Accounting Needs That Fulfills All Financial Requirements of Our client

We do not only provide financial statement services but also provide expert accounting services that can help you to generate financial reports. We have trained professionals who handle various accounting software such as QuickBooks® Pro. This can assist you in the initial setup, training, or development of the accounting system. We also assist you to initiate cloud-based financial accounting services. It can help you gear up your business future while ensuring your financial statements always prepared before time and work with 100% accuracy.