Streamline Accounting Activities & Save Time With Our Professional Bookkeeping Services

Effective financial management and consistency in business growth can be achieved by maintaining proficient up-to-date bookkeeping activities. We, as a team of professional bookkeeping services providers, realize it very well.


However, organizations nowadays are under intense pressure for market sustainability. Maintaining day-to-day bookkeeping is quite a hassle for many organizations. Here comes the expertise of our team. We offer professional bookkeeping services in Bangladesh.


It gets hard for companies to focus on only bookkeeping processes under such pressure and narrow time constraint. OutsourcingBD’s professional bookkeeping services can help any organization to keep track of the overall earnings and expenses of a company.


We are a well-established financial, payroll, company secretarial, and tax service provider, we have assisted many hundreds of new and established businesses to manage their accounting, payroll, company secretarial and taxation functions to ensure compliance.


Through outsourcing professional bookkeeping services you can save a lot of your expenses by ensuring maximum efficiency and ROI of your organization. This can be done by eliminating the need of having a separate accounting department.


We serve value-added accounting and professional bookkeeping services as per the needs of your business. All the accounting data is maintained under a strict level of administration, confidentiality, and security.

Our Professional Bookkeeping Services Are Highly Cost- Effective With The Competitive Price

Companies are struggling every day to get everything completed in their office. Especially cash handling is one of the most critical tasks they have to face every day. But it doesn’t mean that they need to stress themselves out trying to complete every single task by themselves. 
This is the moment when we take care of all your payroll services and financial records in a quick turn-around time. Outsourcing with us will give you ease of mind and will help you focus on other core tasks of your business.
  • Financial Statements preparation

  • Journal entry

  • Bank Account Reconciliation

  • Cash Flow Statement

  • Income Statement (Profit & Loss)

  • Balance-sheet generation

  • Day-to-day bookkeeping & accounting

  • Books balanced & reconciled quarterly

  • Professional Bookkeeping Services

  • Management of daily General Ledger

  • Month and year-end closing reports

  • Budget creation and maintenance

  • Accounts Payable Aging Report

  • Electronic Document Management

Emphasis On Advanced Technology To Ensure Data Protection

Our Expert Team Emphasis On Advanced Technology To Ensure Data Protection

01. Security Infrastructure 

Our system offers a strong infrastructure to provide utmost importance to data confidentiality and data security. We take necessary steps so that your accounting data remains safe from unauthorized access. We keep in check the data backup and access control all the time to ensure full protection.

02. Latest Technology

Advanced technology with the latest professional bookkeeping services software like SAGE, Peachtree, Quick Books & other spreadsheets is used to ensure high-quality output within a minimum turnaround time.

We Deploy Proven Systems & Technology Tools To Managing Your Bookkeeping Engagements

We help to achieve effective cost reductions through re-engineering process, improved methodology, and the use of the latest technologies. Also We eliminate unnecessary operating costs while bringing other administrative costs under control. Through outsourcing one can get the following benefits :

professional bookkeeping services

3 Special Reasons You Trust Our Professional Bookkeeping Services

Professional Bookkeeping Team:

We are a professional bookkeeping team. We train our professionals on a regular basis to keep them ahead of the competitors.

Accurate Bookkeeping Services:

Robust experiences enable us to do the job accurately. So, get in touch with us today and get professional bookkeeping services.

Attention to Details Services:

Attention to detail is one of our core strengths. We take each aspect of your business seriously and count every single penny.

FAQ For Corporate Secretarial Services

FAQs For Bookkeeping Services

Yes. We surely offer services ranging from opening your mail to preparing financial statements. We are not, however, a qualified public accounting firm, and we do not prepare tax returns. Also we delegate that work to our dependable tax advisors.

Both accounting and bookkeeping are an ongoing, essential component of any business. It is critical that the work is maintained to provide you with intrinsic reports to better serve your company’s financial goals, whether you employ Business-keepers or bring someone in-house on your payroll.

Generally Our base minimum pricing for after-the-fact bookkeeping is $300 per month, and for full charge bookkeeping is $600 per month. However the base price rises as the frequency of services done, the level of activity, and the complexity of the account rise. So a portion of our online quote form contains additional pricing details.

Payment is due on the first of every month if you are a monthly recurring client. A lasts is required to begin work on a special clean-up project, and it is usually charged on an hourly basis.

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