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We have experience Professional Employment Solutions team work whose goal is to produce as long as term staffing solutions for business experiencing change, by the time finding qualify candidate to fulfill their condition. Our advance procedure focuses on protective about clients and candidates. So that they can be confident that they made the right decision in enlisting PES services.

Are you looking for professional employment solutions in Dhaka, Bangladesh? We also offer quality professional employment solutions to help you streamline your employment. Proficient Employment Service is a full administration enroll firm giving as well as lasting, direct recruit representative for the protection business. We have been establish since 1989 to address the concerns by devotion, industry information, and giving qualified experts. We give practical recruiting arrangements.

Our expert upright is base on development by responsibility, distinguishing, and also conveyancing capable experts to address. The difficulties of our customers close by our active enlisting, screening, and also direction. Accordingly, we are fruit full at satisfy our customer condition. Correspondingly our satisfy customer base is on a proceed with development design and our broad data set of representative experts is a priceless expansion to your employing asset group. Simultaneously proficient Employment Services is a business with a position of offering great support and an efficient history to every one of our customers.

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    Our Exclusive 3 Professional Employment Solutions Services Include:

    professional employment solutions to help you streamline your employment

    Are you looking for professional employment solutions in Dhaka, Bangladesh? We offer quality professional employment solutions to help you streamline your employment.

    Professional Employment


    Enhance Business Productivity With 3 Best Professional Employment Solutions

    Companies of overall sizes in a various extent of sectors have use our Employment Solution to streamline their expansion into new markets. With our services, at last you will remain in check of your activity in Bangladesh without waiting to incorporate a company or navigate the complication of Bangladeshi Labor Law. Our valuation services provide:

    1. Initial consultation and eligibility check:

    Our advisors assess your project in Bangladesh and visa eligibility of the candidate. We process you visa and also helps to get work permit.

    2. Acceptance & on-boarding:

    We obtain your employee setup on our payroll and also manage the visa process so they can get to work instant.

    3. Monthly payroll management:

    Accordingly, we handle your employee on our payroll services and your enthusiastic Account Manager helps in any queries.

    Our hassle free system means after that we statement you on a monthly base for our services including your employee’s salary, benefits and expense compensation.

    Enjoy 3 Benefits Of  Choosing Our Professional Employment Solutions

    01. Flexible, Simple market entry 

    It’s an immediate solution which permit you to hire in Bangladeshi straight away. Although our professional will help you to safe entry in Bangladesh market place.

    02. Agreement with employment law 

    From outsourcing employment to a Professional Employer Organization, at the same time we have take on the administrative trouble involve in employee in a new jurisdiction.

    03. Cost-effective solution

    By the time using our Employment Solution, we at outsourcinBD eradicate the need for an internal Human Resources department within your company.

    Highly Skilled & Professional Employment Team At Your Service

    Bangladesh is one of the rapid growing markets in the world and business. In a wide variety of sectors are obtain this benefits of its economic likely. Moreover, travers its complicate corporate and legal landscape can be a intimidate task without the right help on board. We have the expertise in the Bangladeshi market to help you to hire in Bangladesh quickly and in addition full submission with Bangladeshi employment regulation.

    FAQs Employment Solutions

    Yes, if you do not see a job after that matches with your profile at the moment, please review posting in the Expect Vacancies section. This states to vacancy that may arise from specific employment areas, although particular positions are not yet list. Candidates may note that the final date is only indicative. These activities are handles by professional employment solutions.

    No. Accordingly to their professional employment solutions there is no particular age limit, except you are apply for the Young Professionals (YP) Program. Candidates for Young Professional Program must be no more than age 32 when joining REIT. Majority of REIT employee at the entry level have post graduate degrees with 8 to 10 years of relevant certify experience. Moreover, Retirement age is 62 years.

    Normally, it takes between two and six months before a new employee can report for work from the date of application. Here, the processing time is dependent on conditions such as the number of qualify candidates, employee category, location, and response time of the candidate to complete all the requests with professional employment solution.

    There are 7 most common factors on which professional employment solution service depends:

    • Except Salary, recruitment costs will be one of the biggest employment expenditure you’ll incur.
    • Pre-employment background screening.
    • Employee Onboarding.
    • Salary and employee welfar.
    • Employee referral expenditure.
    • Recruit the right people

     Servicing Our Clients With Excellent Professional Employment Solutions