Outsource Real-time Remote Survey And Quality Services For Excellent Results

We provide Remote Survey and Quality Services, inspections also audit services in Bangladesh. Our services cover disclosing the condition of vessels. As well as making viable recommendations that reduce operational risk. Our expertise allows us to conduct various types of audits and inspections.

Our Remote Survey and Quality Services include:

remote survey and quality service

We conduct a wide range of surveys, inspections, and audits on behalf of our clients all around the world.

Our Remote Survey And Quality Services Are Not Just A Slogan Or Wishful Thinking: It’s A Way Of Life

01. Data Collection

Assets assessed cover a wide variety of types, sizes, and complexity. Our local team of expert inspectors in Dhaka visits the factory on behalf of you and collects all necessary information there. After on, they prepare the report on gathered information and analyses it.

02. Reporting

The reports back the condition of the product and the status of the order. We work as a source of direct communication with your supplier. This is to ensure your product adheres to your requirements also distant Remote Survey and Quality Services measures.

03. Security

An offshore company can be a hassle for management processes. As traffic jam is a serious problem in Dhaka, Bangladesh, it’s really a big hassle to go to the factory to check the products. Our expertise to watch over your products in Bangladesh. Management processes.

  • We conduct QC and robust inspections as per your prescribed criteria.

  • We conduct QC and robust inspections as per your prescribed criteria.

  • Measure product dimensions, color, finishing, and other aspects as per prescribed criteria.

  • Measure product dimensions, color, finishing, and other aspects as per prescribed criteria.

  • Use approved product samples and CAD drawings to verify the samples taken from production meet your specifications.

Our Team Ready To Meet Your Needs On A “Round-The-Clock” Basis


  1. Marine & Cargo Survey
  2. Container & Seal Inspection
  3. Commodities Inspections
  4. Ready Made Garment (RMG) Facility Inspections
  5. Consumer Products Inspections
  6. Automobile Inspections


  1. Analytical Services
  2. Cargo Treatment Services
  3. Blending Services
  4. Sampling
  5. Gauging
  6. Inspection


  1. Scrap Metal Inspection
  2. Waste Paper inspection
  3. Bangladesh Scrap Inspection
  4. Indonesia Waste Paper Inspection


  1. PSI Audit Services
  2. Shipment Valuation Audit
  3. Customs Duty Compliance Audit
  4. Terminal Facility Audit


  1. Pre-Shipment Inspection
  2. Valuation Inspections


1. Quantity Inspection

2. Supplier Management

We Have Rigorous Corrective & Preventive Action Procedure To Test & Solve Problems

1. Remote Assistance

Our industry-accredited experiences provide you with confidence and in-house supports with remote Survey and quality services. This helps you engage your company.

2. Technical Assessment

Our business provides top priority inspections with a clear and concise technical evaluation. Our task is intuitive enough. This will encourage you to get engaged with the whole process.

3. Scheduled Certification

The company provides on-scheduled reports on our bespoke inspections. We hereafter certify the subjects based on the inspection reporting we have gathered. 

 We Ensure 6 Value Of Remote Survey and Quality Services To Boost Accurate Productivity

Need valuation of assets in Bangladesh? We are here to help. Get in touch with us today and find the right remote survey and quality services your assets.

We first study problems and evaluate the purpose of valuation. Based on that analysis, we inform our client about all the probable business solutions. Our valuation services are:

We are able to ensure complete confidentiality to all clients. The code of Professional Practice, Ethics, and Rules of Conduct distant Remote Survey and Quality Services measure.

We Are Expert On Risk Inspection

Risk Inspection and Insurance Audit for:

Fire & Special Perils Policy.

Machinery Breakdown & Consequential Loss.

Contractors All Risk & Contractors.

Industrial All Risk & Industrial Plant.

FAQ For Corporate Secretarial Services

Frequently Asked Questions

We promise to email you the inspection report within 24 hours of our inspection being completed. The report will be emailed to you in PDF format, and if necessary, a physical copy will be sent to you. If there are any severe quality issues, we will contact you as soon as the inspection is completed to give you advance notice.

First, go over our list of high-quality Remote Survey and Quality Services and decide which one we can assist you with. After reviewing our quality checklist, you must gather the necessary information so that we can schedule your inspection. If your inspection falls outside of our regular coverage region, we will provide you with a transportation quote beforehand. After that, we’ll give you a copy of our Inspection Request Form (Booking Form). We will contact your supplier and schedule your quality check after you sign and fax the Booking Form back to us. All you have to do now is sit back and relax while we handle your inspection needs according to your specifications and deliver you the results.

Yes, all of our Remote Survey and Quality Services will adhere to AQL standards or those that you offer. We are unable to guarantee the product’s usefulness because we are merely checking the goods; this should be guaranteed by your supplier. In addition, we can only submit the information provided by the factory and our inspectors’ actual findings for Factory Audits. We cannot vouch for the accuracy of their data.

We currently accept Paypal and bank transfer as payment methods. On our Pro Forma Invoice, we will include our account information.

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