Business Consulting, Tax Advisory, and Statutory Auditing Service

Quality audit is crucial to learn the financial dynamics of a business. This can be done by adopting a knowledgeable and insightful approach. As a team of statutory audit experts, we provide Legal Auditing Service to companies operating in varied industries. 

We develop an in-depth analysis for each of our clients and we use the audit process to explore our clients’ businesses and think about the potential issues they face. This thorough analysis enables us to offer new solutions to our clients’ problems. It helps them avoid issues in the future.

Our Service Procedure

  • We focus on analyzing financial statements and client’s business consultancy .

  • We provide valuable assistance in monitoring the ethics of your organization. This helps to boost overall performance in the operational and financial sectors.

  • We review the quality of your business status and provide constant suggestions on strategic planning and improvement.

Potential Challenges You May Face In Statutory Auditing Service

There are several issues where clients face challenges. These include the flow of changes to accounting and auditing standards. Other issues may include:

  • Difficulty to comply with statutory audit requirements

  • Expanding overseas and need of an auditor that can reach your scale and geographic reach

  • Thinking of changing to your audit provider to explore if a different service provider would better meet your needs

  • Reliable issues may arise in financial reports

  • Not delivering sufficient and quality information or not meeting your internal or external reporting deadlines for the financial reporting process

Why You Trust Us For Statutory Auditing Services?

Creating value that can make a real difference to your business is intrinsic to our Statutory Auditing Service. Quality audits bring unexpected and far-reaching benefits comes from a knowledgeable, questioning, imaginative and insightful approach.

The true foundation of the service that we deliver is a natural blend of compliance and value. We are professional in the application of audit methodology and techniques.

We use our expertise to bring precision and economy to your audit. As registered Chartered Accountant in Bangladesh we demonstrate our on-going commitment to exacting quality and technical standards. We maintain all professional standards issued by the legal policy in Bangladesh while performing audits on your business.

We can help you to eradicate audit challenges through:

  • Providing an efficient and cost-effective auditing service

  • Independent review or audit of externally reported information

  • Accountants’ reports for regulatory or contractual purposes

  • Delivers clear reporting, with no mistakes

  • Represents your company in the most appropriate way to third parties

  • Compliance with regulations

  • Recommendation on budget controls and processing system weaknesses

  • Confirmation of accounting procedures with respect to complex transactions

  • Monitoring of probable accounting and regulatory changes.