Supply Chain Management (SCM) Sourcing Services In Bangladesh

Supply chain sourcing management is the management of a product or service full production flow, from raw materials to ultimate delivery to the consumer. We also develop a network of distributor at OutsourcingBD to convey the goods from raw material distributor to business after that interact directly with users. We are a supply chain sourcing services provider in Bangladesh solving all in all the distribution relate issue that you face during the planning of laws, regulation, guide line, and specification.

Supply Chain Management

1. Identify Issues

We can predict the short fall before our buyer is dissatisfy through enhanc data analysis techniques.

2. Optimize Price

Even for hard commodity, we also use detail software and comparable forecast approache to boost margins.

3. Improve Inventory

Accordingly, our detail technology provide dynamic re source allocation and task schedule base on sales forecast.

We Are Trusted Partner To Help You In Completing All The Phases Of Supply Chain Sourcing

We advise and provide full suite supply chain sourcing services including every activity that revolve around identify and assess potential supplier as well as select and engaging with an appropriate distributor who offers the best value. Not only that we also assist in the distribution process that includes contracting and evaluating manufacturer, distributor, storage, transportation, and distribution hubs.

  • Planning: We also help you to plan and manage the resources necessary to meet a company product or service demand.

  • Sourcing: We help you to select vendors to offer the items and also services require to complete the project.

  • Manufacturing: Although, it is very much important to organize the actions necessary for receiving raw material and producing the product.

  • Logistics: Customer orders are coordinate, delivery are schedule, loads are dispatch, clients are invoiced, and at this time payments are receive.

  • Returning: We also assist you to create a system or network for returning damage, excess, or unwanted merchandise.

Our 4 Best Key Features Of Supply Chain Sourcing Services

For customers and consumer, supply chain sourcing is by far the most visible “face” of the company. The more efficient and successful a company’s supply chain sourcing management is, moreover it protects its brand and as long as term viability.



Unstructure data set from social networks, structure data sets from Internet of Things (IoT), and even more traditional data sets reachable through typical ERP and B2B connection solutions.



Improving distributor collaboration increasing necessitate at the present time use of cloud base commercial platform to facilitate multi enterprise communication and coordination.



By collating, coordinate, and also conduct choice and activities across the supply chain sourcing, the Ai system becomes the dynamic supply chain’s control tower.



Analytics skills must be earlier climbable in real time using data. The insight will be thorough and timely. In addition the future supply chain sourcing, latency will be impossible.

FAQs For Supply Chain Sourcing Services

Sourcing is the process of procuring commodity to support a company operation. When creating a sourcing strategy, several factors must be address, not only pricing.

Procurement professionals, for example, should be aware of the “Price Iceberg,” which encompass delivery, delays, and handling, among other things.

One as well as supply chain sourcing strategy is require for business to remain competitive. It will save money, reduce negative consequences, and provide high quality goods and service.

Not only that, but it will affect your lead time significant. Although your process will be more efficient if you have good sourcing. The relationship between the buyer and the distributor is the most important principle in sourcing.

The COVID-19 epidemic is causing new and unexpect barrier to productive and profitability in the supply chain ecosystem. The following are the top supply chain sourcing difficult after that product base enterprise around the world will encount in 2021.

1. Limited resources
2. Freight price increases
3. Difficult demand forecasting
4. Port congestion
5. Shifting consumer perception
6. The digital revolution

The speed with which things change is both thrilling and frustrating in supply chain management. Every day, new consumer, distributor, and innovation are added to supply chains. Supply chain managers must continuous be searching for ways to improve in order to accomplish their goals of provide value to customers while increasing profitable.

  1. Who are your most important clients?
  2. What do your most important customers value?
  3. What more ways could your supply chain add value?
  4. What is the definition of supply chain management?
  5. What kind of information do you share with your vendors?
  1. Supply chains lack global robust and are breaking down in the face of multi country disturbanc.
  2. Supply chain and operations are growing more expensive (e.g., less global and ecommerce fulfillment expense) – and can often be the greatest costs for a company.
  3. The considerable implication of supply chains and activities on the environment and society do not match stakeholder sustainability expectation.
  4. Humans are still heavily reliant on the supply chain and operations due to talent shortage.
  5. The ability to meet customer expectation for personalize and customize is hamper by a lack of flexibility.
  6. IT systems remain inefficient, rigid, and excessive reliant on old technologie.

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