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Bangladesh implements a tax equalization policy for foreign employees working in this country. When an expatriate uses tax equalization, he/she counts taxes for both native and abroad nation’s taxation. However, it is a vague process that can bring failure to the overall taxation procedure. 

To streamline this operation and to get rid of huge tax equalization gaps outsourcing your tax processes from OutsourcingBD. This firm can be the most reliable partner for your tax sector. With their professional hands, taxation may turn smooth and accurate in a quick turnaround time.

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Business operations become complicated when anyone wants to expand their business overseas. Foreigners need to follow  Bangladeshi corporate norms and regulations if they want to do business here. Many foreign business entrepreneurs expand the business into Bangladesh.

These expatriate employees who are working for the short or long term can find this tax equalization process complicated because they had to focus on the laws of both the home country and the foreign land. There is a possibility of an increase in tax burden depending on their assignment.

This is especially true for foreign employees in Bangladesh. For this many companies use a process called tax equalization to reduce the variation in taxes caused by foreign assignments. OutsourcingBD assists foreign employees in every process of tax equalization.

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01. Efficient Investment

Around 12,000 outsiders get consent every year to work in Bangladesh, as indicated by Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) information. Outsiders for the most part of the world are at present working in Bangladesh.

02. Diversified Accounts

They are working in non-government associations (NGOs), schooling establishments, inns, cafés, articles of clothing, emergency clinics, and different areas. Any organization that is utilizing far off nationals needs to take earlier authorization from BIDA.

03. Alternate Strategy

In any case, unfamiliar representatives face intricacies in keeping up charge measures. Bangladesh has an alternate strategy for tax equalization. Along these lines, OutsourcingBD helps in this interaction to make the tax collection measure simpler for outsiders.

04. Tax Compliance

Far off nationals are for the most part burdened distinctly on pay acquired from working in Bangladesh and on unfamiliar pay got from Bangladesh sources. Non-occupants are burdened distinctly on pay accumulated, got, or considered to gather or be gotten in Bangladesh.

05. Charge Levelling

Subsequently, their pay dwelling outside Bangladesh isn’t available in the country. Through charge leveling ostracizes are burdened on pay procured for working in Bangladesh any place that might be paid and on unfamiliar pay got from Bangladesh sources.

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Corporate tax Taxation policy is different for an employee who is working in Bangladesh. They have to pay double taxation for the tax equalization process. Tax equalization tries to remove the tax rates of foreign workers in Bangladesh. 

It is called hypo tax. The workers pay taxes as if they reside in this country like natives. Bangladesh has made double taxation treaties with 34 countries.

OutsourcingBD is a professional advisory, tax consulting, and accounting services company in Bangladesh. Here taxation-related services include tax equalization, corporate tax planning, tax auditing, tax filing, and many more. With our assistance in the tax field, you don’t need to worry about the implications of taxation for your company. We ensure compliance under applicable laws.

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How We Can Help With Your Tax Equalization Needs Effectively?

Frequent changes in the tax system make it much complex in Bangladesh. OutsourcingBD provides an efficient tax consultancy service. It resolves complexities for all types of clients. Our  tax services for foreign entrepreneurs in Bangladesh are:

For Employers
  • Tax equalization policy and administration

  • Coordination with a foreign government for estimated tax payments

  • Tax treaty review

  • Payroll consulting

  • Visa, licenses, and work permits

Setting up Liaison Office/Branch Office
For Employees
  • Help in minimization of taxes

  • Creation of necessary forms related to the foreign assignments

  • Pre-departure & post-assignment tax consultations

  • Foreign tax auditing

  • Efficient tax planning & compliance

FAQ For Corporate Secretarial Services

FAQs For Tax Equalization Services

Hence tax equalization is a compensation strategy for mitigating the impact of a global assignment on an assignee’s personal tax liability. In fact the assignee should pay roughly the same taxes if they stayed in their home country under the tax equalization technique.

Our Tax equalization schemes are designed to ensure that an employee does neither profit or suffer a tax disadvantage as a result of their foreign assignment. If the employee’s total taxes are greater as a result of the foreign assignment, the business will pay the employee for the extra expenses.

The employee’s tax obligation is neither a financial incentive nor a barrier to accepting an international assignment when Tax Equalization is used. It also promotes mobility by treating each employee fairly, as they pay tax at the same rate as their peers in their home country.

Since an equalization rate is the state’s measure of a municipality’s level of assessment at its most basic level (LOA). In fact this is the proportion of total assessed value (AV) to the total assessed value (AV) of the municipality.

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