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Outsorucing.com.bd is greatest recognized. As a provider payroll services, professional services, employee of record and HR services with clients. We have comprehensive expertise of delivering exalted volume temporary solutions together with on-place management support for both efficient and non-efficient workers from Bangladesh.

At outsourcing.Com.Bd we provide:

  • HR service with comprehensive management and we provide you and your employees the limpidity your desire from the start.
  • We provide fully consequent and consolidated payroll processing in up many countries.
  • We handle entire employment contracts and management of employee convenience and entire hiring so boarding method from payroll to termination where required.
  • We provide international footprint and far-reaching to take your business further.

However, our principal role is to support the client to identify needs develop and action plan and make something easier change to improve the success of your organization. Our logistic services can your help are designed to improve productivity, proficiency communication and effectiveness.

Term and Condition Services of Outsorucing.Com.Bd

Outsorucing.com.bd must set out in composing our client’s terms and condition while providing them with professional services and to comply with the law to ensure well practice. By accessing this website get-at- able from outsourcing.com.bd you are consenting to be confident by these website terms and conditions of use and agree that you are responsible for the agreement. The materials contained in this website the safe by copyright and trade mark law.

General Conditions:

We reserve the right to reject service to any time without interpretation. We interdict you from copying, selling, duplicating, reproducing, reselling any part of the service or any communication by the website through which the services is provided without our appropriate wrote permission. It is not intended to limit the terms. Services to be provided by us:

Professional Employer Organization:

Professional employer organization are outsourced human resources from that assistance employer minimize risks through consent. We providing mobilized employee management services to miniature and medium businesses crosswise.

Payroll Services:

Our payroll department of your business can hub on other strategic objectives since our services manage your payroll. We meet payroll tax filing timelines through cost-efficient and timely payroll tax filing. Our capacity stays in our proficiency to understand and comply with government regulations.

Employer of Record Services:

An employer of record helps you in hiring, paying and retaining employee. Many of the HR task associated with managing global employees will be moved about by the employer of record team. We provide payroll software solutions communication and effectiveness.

HR Services:

Human resources challenges can gesture a major obstacle to the growth of these businesses and such circumstances outsourcing outsourcing HR functions may be the well way for HR services to grow. So outsourcing.com.bd gives small business can be services of human resource benefits, spent on payroll and reparation.

This agreement contains the complete agreement between the two parties regarding the subject matter, and replaces any previous oral or written agreements, arrangements, commitments or suggestions. Unless clearly stated elsewhere in this agreement, this agreement can only be changed through a document signed by both parties.