Time and Attendance Management Systems in Bangladesh

Our time and attendance Management Systems allow a company to monitor its representative’s activities and time management in the workplace. In today’s world, businesses employ a big number of people. Without adequate digitalization, keeping track of a huge workforce’s time management is difficult. It’s especially vital to avoid time theft during the pandemic when most employees are working from home. Therefore, using automated time and participation software can prove to be crucial for any establishment. We can assist you to prevent time theft from your company and lazy work habits among your staff by using our time and participation software.

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The COVID-19 legislation expands paid sick leave and work-from-home options. In such instances, it is critical to keep track of the employee’s Time and Attendance and activity. As a result, we are able to provide time and participation software at a very low cost.

Our Time and Attendance Management Services

Get a live perspective on your representatives’ time and participation information. With our incredible yet easy-to-use instruments, you’ll stay educated consistently about your labor force’s working hours, additional time, days off, or occasions. Go advanced with a period and participation programming that both you and your workers will adore. It’s keen, fast, and incredibly simple to utilize Time and Attendance service.

Time and Attendance

 Time and Attendance Process

With our software, you can stay up to date with the latest versions and keep a better track of your company’s valuable time.

Digitize your time & attendance processes. With our time clock app, employees can easily clock in and clock out from their phone, laptop, desktop, or any other device. With this app we smartly and accurately track your employees real time. So you don’t have to worry about time.

Administrative work that is based on paper might take a toll on your work life. This is why technology exists in the first place. To improve the efficiency, quality, and ease of life. You can access everything technology has to offer in the concerned field with our Time and Participation software.

On the off chance that there’s an application for everything, why squander innumerable hours on dreary, mistake-inclined finance figurines? Our savvy time and participation apparatuses will in a flash robotize finance handling.

Go past the conventional all day. Update your business with the most recent scanned time models that blend center time with strategic scheduling. Keep every one of your representatives similarly persuaded. Permit them to offset their own existence with their vocation objectives.

Why stick to paper-based time following or leave the board? Our answer helps your business take the enormous jump to the cloud. Online time and participation on the board are what’s to come.

You can approve time-off requests online

Seamlessly integrate with real-time

Can schedule holidays easily

Easily manage absence and leave

Automated payroll processing

Staff Calendar

Smart time and attendance Reports

Instant alerts are available

 Time and Attendance Software

1. Track and properly pay remote employees working system.

2. Receive a ideal amount of tax credits.

4. Comply with Department of Labor reporting criteria.

5. Maintain exact employee paid sick balances.

Time and Attendance Reviews:

The ability to examine precise time distribution is the most valuable feature of our Time & Attendance solution. It’s also very easy to seek time off and keep track of pending payments using the software. Moreover, supervisors can directly accept requests. Which makes it easier for both parties to operate more effectively.

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FAQs For Time & Attendance Management Services

Yes. The normal “over 40 hours/week” overtime restriction is already set up in our Time and Attendance services. The system will calculate overtime and double-time pay for California employees based on the state’s extra pay and double-time standards.

A time and attendance system that isn’t linked to your payroll system will waste as much time as it saves. Since 2013, Time Rack has been a preferred partner of Thomas Reuters Accounting CS Payroll software, with over 200 partners and a bespoke integration that allows for automatic T&A data uploading into Accounting CS. In addition, we can build payroll bridges for any payroll system.

HR support services and software integrated into your time and attendance software can help you simplify a range of tasks. This is a feature that pays you back in time deposits.

A single door access system can be created using a number of our clocks. Only employees who are registered with the T&A terminal will be able to gain entry to the premises.

With the clocks giving a clarify time stamp on when the transaction takes place, there will be no “grey areas” when gauging session, and it will also help with project costing. Are your solutions in comply with labor and employment laws? Automated time and attendance systems aid in the comply of workers’ schedules with laws limiting authorized working hours, duty break times, and so on. You can’t manage what you don’t track.


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