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Getting a business/trade license in Bangladesh requires you to submit some crucial documents. REIT Ltd Resources offer a hassle-free business/trade license service in Bangladesh. We work with special care for foreign clients who wish to establish a business in Bangladesh.

Once a foreign company is registered to operate in Bangladesh, foreign investors need mandatory business licenses, permits & certificates to establish a business in Bangladesh. We at REIT Ltd Resources provide all sorts of legal services to acquire licenses.

From the beginning of company incorporation to registration and through providing every service to acquire licensing our comprehensive help the foreign investors to function their business successfully. The following requirements are needed for foreign investors to operate in Bangladesh:

We Offer Business License Affordably For Your Legal Entity

The first step in beginning a business is to obtain a trade license. It is required in Bangladesh for every type of business entity that is issued by the local government in the various locations. According to the system, obtaining a trade license in Bangladesh is not difficult, but owing to a lack of openness and corruption, obtaining a trade license without harassment is nearly impossible. So, are you considering submitting an application for a trade license? If that’s the case we are here to help. We can assist you with the application and procedure for a trade license.

  • Education

  • Medical

  • Financial

  • Driving Records

  • Global Screening

  • Extended Workforce Screening

  • Executive Intelligence

  • Drug & Health Screening

  • Candidate Experience

  • Employee Verification

  • Criminal Background check

  • Identity Check

  • Retail

  • Transportation

4 Vital Trade License Application We Ensure Successfully For Better Performance

If you are thinking of starting a Representative office/Branch office in Bangladesh, a License is mandatory to operate in Bangladesh. To know the proper procedure of acquiring a license we can assist you with our expert skills to help your business flourish smoothly.

No foreign investors are allowed to start a business in Bangladesh without limited liability. Company incorporation is the first license to do business in Bangladesh as a mandatory requirement. Condition of registration for incorporation:

No foreign investors are allowed to start a business in Bangladesh without limited liability. Company incorporation is the first license to do business in Bangladesh as a mandatory requirement. Condition of registration for incorporation :

For every business entity, managing trade license is required by the law of Bangladesh from City Corporation or local government office. Provide supporting papers:

Trade license

Export/import certificate is to be obtained by investors who want to export/import goods. The certificate has to be obtained from CCI&E under the Ministry of Commerce of Bangladesh. It has to be renewed annually. Documents required :

Export Import Certificate

To set up a factory and to ensure the safety of the establishment along with the workers engaged in the business, it is mandatory for buildings and business organizations to obtain a fire license that is issued by the Fire Service and Civil Defense (FSCD) authority in service under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Bangladesh. You need to provide the following papers:


We Offer Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN) Certificate For Your Better Entity

A foreigner entity trade owners are allowed to obtain a Tax Certificate(TIN) before new company registration in Bangladesh. TIN Certificate is a unique number fixed for each taxpayer such as individual or company, of Bangladesh provided by the NBR.

Income Tax Ordinance (ITO), 1984 as amended up to July 2015 and Income Tax Rules 1984 are the prevailing laws of taxation in Bangladesh. Documents needed to obtain a TIN certificate are as follows:

Taxpayer's Identification Number (TIN) Certificate

Get Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration Certificate Easily With Us

VAT has become one of the most important sources of Revenue for the Government of Bangladesh. VAT Registration Certificate is provided by the NBR operating under the Ministry of Finance, Bangladesh.VAT Act 1991 & VAT Rules 1991 are the governing laws of VAT in Bangladesh. Required documents needed:

Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration Certificate

Requisite Permission Required For Obtaining A Legal Trade License With Ease

For obtaining a business license in Bangladesh there is some necessary permission that needs to be approved by the Government in Bangladesh. These are :

FAQ For Corporate Secretarial Services

FAQs For Trade License Application

100% ownership: Bangladesh’s investment policy liberalizes ownership of investment in any firm by any national, with the exception of enterprises with activities on the “reserve list,” which are restricted for both foreign and Bangladeshi nationals. The following items are on the reserve list:

  1. Arms and ammunition, as well as other military hardware and machinery;
  2. Nuclear energy;
  3. Printing and minting of security certificates;
  4. Within the restricted forest boundaries, afforestation and mechanized extraction are permitted.

The Foreign Private Investment (Promotion and Protection) Act of 1980 ensures that foreign private investment is treated fairly and equally in Bangladesh, with complete protection and security.

The issuance of a trade license will take 20 working days from the date of payment of processing and other fees by the applicant.

Yes, before launching a firm, the business unit must obtain a Tax Identification Number (TIN) and a Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration Number. In this situation, BEZA will assist in obtaining the above certification under OSS.

Get A Legal Trade License Application Without Hassle

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