Obtaning Business Trade License for Foreign Investors Company.

Trade license or business license in Bangladesh is a document which attest that you are authorized to do business on the specified field alluded therein the trade license. Hence it can also be called a business or permission out or business license in Bangladesh.Outsorucing.Com.bd work with care for foreign clients who desire to establish a business in Bangladesh. Once foreign company is registered to manage in Bangladesh foreign investors require mandatory business licenses permission to establish a business in Bangladesh. We at outsourcing.Com.bd gives all sorts of legitimate services to achieve licenses. From the start of company incorporation to registration and by providing each service to achieve licensing our extending collaboration with the foreign investors to function their business effectively. These requirements following are needed for foreign investors to manage in Bangladesh:

trade-license for foreign investors

Procedure to Obtain Trade License in Bangladesh | Fees, Processing and Renewal

There are several various of trade licenses Bangladesh the ideal of trade licenses available in Bangladesh are alluded below:

1.Manufacturing Trade License.
2.General Trade License.
3.Commercial Trade license

Manufacturing Trade License: The manufacturing trade license is requisite for businesses who are related in manufacture and similar business generally have industries.

General Trade License: This is the group of trade licenses that can be used for businesses of all profuse whole types without the commercial businesses.

Commercial Trade License: These trade license is requisite for an especial legal business existence that wished to condiment commercial businesses.

Following are the step by step legal process of getting a trade license:

Step-1 Gather formal application form from the city corporation municipal corporation and union parishad’s office.

Step-2 Submit accomplished application form including corroborative documents to anxious section.

Step-3 Arrange the copies of the requisite documents.

Step-4 Substantiation of the application and corroboration by the licensing supervisor.

Step-5 Requisite fees to deposit at the anxious office.

Step-6 If the anxious authority is content after verification then it shall issue a trade license certificate to the application.

Step-7 Recruitment of trade license certificate form city corporation or union parishad’s office.

However, to know the accurate process of achieving a license we can support you with our specialist skills to assist your business flourish easily.

List of Document Needs:

1. Application form.
2. 3 copies of passport size photo of the owner.
3. A national ID card of the proprietor.
4. Occupying tax payment receipt.
5. A company incorporation certificate.
6. Proclamation of non-judicial stamp to abide by rules & regulation of city corporation & parshad’s office.
7. Copy of bank sufficiency certificate of the company.
8. Agreement of partnership
9. Tax clearance certificate
10. A certified copy of the memorandum and articles of organization.
11. Work permission from Bangladesh Investment Development Authority.
12. Copy of passport if the director is a foreigner.

Our Service Help to Make the Process Easy for Customer:

1. Outsorucing.Com.bd has a spiffy and suitable team that can move forward in obtaining trade license proficiency. We can have legal advisors help through exhortation and ask them to provide essential documents to apply for trade license and depending on the type of establishment documents are collected for application.
2. Outsorucing.Com.bd of legal exhortation can equip and draft pertinent documents which are essential to obtain trade license.
3. Our legal exhortation has a good working relationship with the government office.
4. As the processes for obtaining trade obtaining trade license for manufacturing and commercial business existence may differ a little bit outsourcing.Com.bd legal team can help the customer by filing a trade license application in the appropriate office including with the right corroborative documents.
5. We also provide services to renovate the license if it exhorts by taking essential steps at the right time.

                                                     Process Duration Work Flow

Bangladesh Investment Development Authority timeline is 3-4 weeks upon submission and other procedures are compliant will take about 2 weeks. So normally a workflow permit is conferred to operate for three years which is then renewable for the therewith terms.

We assist in Establishing an Office or trading activities

Outsorucing.Com.bd is the basis of talking about obtaining trade license in Bangladesh and executives under and want to know how to proficiently use it in their organization. We entities in the client’s business assist us by blessing talent in obtaining trade license service as a provider. The other part of outsourcing is that it only says where the can be committed outside better and inside we should do it. Outsorucing.Com.bd of manufacturing allows companies to reduce cost, cost goods and services, benefits cost provides you obtain trade license in Bangladesh. Outsorucing.Com.bd is to ensure our clients satisfaction and document back up and arrange all kinds of percussion for highest security for safety and protection of the document timely delivery and always value the commitment to the client.