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If you are in need of setting up an umbrella company, we can help you with just what you need. We offer an umbrella company support service in Bangladesh. Our  company will take all the hassles and manage complete projects as per your requirements.


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The regular process of an umbrella company is quite tedious. Normally, the client company provides a recruiting agency with the requirements. After that  the recruiting agency engages an umbrella company that specializes in hiring contracting employees and managing their benefits. Then this company recruits a requisite number of contractors and engages them in work. 

Moreover, this company prepares invoices on the benefits and sends them to the recruiting agency. The recruiting agency, then, sends it to the client company along with relevant additional costs if needed. 

However, as we are a complete service provider, we don’t need to go through the whole tedious process. Rather, we directly can hire skilled employees/contractors/freelancers and manage them to complete certain projects. And, finally, we complete all other relevant tasks. So, it becomes easy to complete projects. We always ready to provide you best on best services.

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FAQs For Umbrella Company Services

A company that offers umbrella coverage is something you should consider carefully. These include:
1. Charges
2. Service quality
3. Fast
4. Rank in the industry
5. Experiences
6. Qualifications and compliance

We’ve elaborated on these factors in greater detail.

The process of joining an umbrella company is fairly simple-you simply need to complete their registration process, after which they’ll set up your account. In most cases, your account will be set up within 24 hours.

You’re essentially an employee of the umbrella company.
Even if you don’t have employment rights with the end client, your umbrella company should offer the full range of employment rights that any other employee would enjoy.
These include:
1. Pay comparison
2. Statutory benefits such as sick pay, holiday pay, and maternity leave
3. Auto-enrollment in a workplace pension
4. Performance bonuses, overtime pay, and shift allowances
5. Prenatal appointments are paid time off.

There are several types of expenses you can claim for:
1. Billable expenses for clients
2. Costs of doing business
3. Non-billable expenses

After you’ve been auto-enrolled into your workplace pension plan, you can opt out. You’ll need to wait until you receive a notification from your umbrella provider on how and when you can opt out, before you can proceed.

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