Auditing And Valuation Services With Depth Of Industry Knowledge & Expertise

01. Assessment 

The ascent of social and monetary changes in the patterns of expanding market rivalry. Regardless of whether you are considering approaches to sell a piece of your business. Auditing and valuation services are the initial steps to evaluate your business worth.

02. Reporting 

We offer exact organization valuation benefits in Bangladesh. Any explanation for the increment or lessening in worth can bring about a deficiency of pay for proprietors. There might be an irreconcilable circumstance in overhauling organizations.

03. Planning

Outsourcing BD, as a certified impartial outsider specialist co-op, can give exact explanations of the drawn-out presentation of ventures and the worth of substantial resources. Our valuation services utilize target measures to assess the capital construction, market worth of resources, future procuring potential, and much more.

04. Flexibility

We offer single or bundle valuation services and produce master reports to assist with venture choices when purchasing and selling property, deciding home loan credits and protection esteem, and furthermore for precise monetary detailing. This involves property and portfolio valuation reports, and business valuation.

Successful 12 Range Of Advisory & Valuation Services To Banks, Property Companies, Developers, Investors, & Occupiers

Such as investors, lenders, authorities, etc. through valuations of tangible assets, intangible assets, valuation for tax purposes; intellectual properties, and liabilities; determination of fair value, and appraisal of investment proposals.

We Provide Valuation Support To Our Clients Engaged In Merger & Acquisition Activities

When you choose an outsourcing auditing and valuation services with us we provide our specialized knowledge on business valuation services that can help business owners in many ways. Since our team consists of professional valuation analysts, thus we can deliver quality results through our analysis. Choose our service and get the following benefits:

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We Customize Our Business Valuation Services To Meet Your Individual Needs

  1. At the point when you pick a reevaluating valuation services with us we give our particular information on business valuation benefits that can help entrepreneurs from various perspectives.
  2. Since our group comprises of expert valuation investigators, hence we can convey quality outcomes through our examination. Pick our administration and get the accompanying advantages:
How Our Auditing and Valuation Services Can Benefit For You
FAQ For Corporate Secretarial Services

FAQ For Valuation Services

In most cases, 60 to 90 days after the business appraiser receives the client’s desired information. Expedited service requests are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Individual valuation engagements are priced based on the parameters of the appraisal and the project’s timeline. Costs for valuation studies typically start about $5,000 and rise depending on the complexity, timeliness, and risk associated with each job. The vast majority of valuation tasks are charged on a flat fee basis, giving clients peace of mind that they will know exactly how much the service will cost before they start.

Yes. We’d start with your buy-sell or shareholder agreement, which outlines how private firm ownership interests are valued and transferred. We can still evaluate the fractional interests if you don’t have an agreement in place, but the partners will have to agree on a standard of worth.

Yes, we have certified and experienced company appraisers who can provide expert witness testimony. We will collaborate with your attorney and testify in court in support of our findings.

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