Stay Risk-Free With Vendor Screening/Verification Service In Bangladesh

01. Risk

In today’s world of business, you cannot guarantee anything or take anything for granted. Success depends on good management of the business. This includes vendor screening which sometimes referred to as vendor background checks as part of managing your vendors.

02. Deal

For every business, every transaction needs to be deal with a lot of study and caution. Before entering into long-term relationships with clients and vendors, you need to have a deep perception of the people that you are dealing with. Most of the time contracts are signed between businesses.

03. Factor

Hence, it is the most important factor to know whom you are dealing with which help to make well-inform decisions while selecting a potential vendor and minimizing the risk of getting involve in future problems.

04. Solution

REIT Ltd Resources helps to do a comprehensive screening of your potential vendors starting from educational qualifications, criminal records to their financial backgrounds.

vendor Screening

Protect Your Business with Our Vendor Screening Services :

Our vendor screening program helps our clients to deal with qualify prospective vendors, independent contractors, contingent workers, and clients to minimize potential losses from vendor-related fraud. We ensure that the vendors you have chosen meet certain corporate standards relating to licensing, insurance, compliance, and other minimally acceptable personal and corporate standards. This will help to maintain the company’s ethical standards and corporate requirements in the relationship.

Employment & Education Background

OutsourcingBD Resources evaluation process undergoes thorough check to investigate client’s full details background. Our process relies on a technology interface to ensure verification.

Identity and Credit check

We undergo a thorough analysis for the identity and background check of each vendor so that you can identify the vendor’s identity, contact address, and personal background.

Social Media Management

Our authentic searches analyzes your vendor’s details through social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Instagram records.It help you to guess their personality.

Criminal Background

We conduct multiple repository searches to investigate whether or not the vendor screening is involve with any sort of past criminal record to help you in developing a perfect deal.

Small Business Solution

Our vendor background verification solution for small businesses delivers accurate background screening for criminal, credit, employment, and education verifications.

Drug Screening

Our background screening makes us the best-in-class provider of drug and alcohol testing, as well as in-house medical review services, all using the latest testing technology.

Get Your Fast & Reliable Vendor Screening With Us

The vendor relationship now goes beyond a hand shake. Our detail evaluation will assure you of an effective and reliable system of vendor accountability. All hassles of vendor evaluation are taken care of by us; giving you ample time and mind space to concentrate and take care of your business. We give priority to overall vendor screening because it is as important as customer screening or employee screening as a large chunk of your business relies on the vendor. Issues like undeliver goods, poor work manship, etc. can affect the quality of your business if the correct analysis of the vendor screening is not done. 

Critical vendor data like bankruptcies, business license verification, civil judgments, tax liens, corporate status, bonding, and insurance coverage are scrutinize and study. We provide accurate information so that you can rely on and within such a short time which allows your business flow continues without any disruptions.

Benefits of Smart Vendor Screening:

  • An effective and reliable system of vendor accountability

  • Delivers critical analysis regarding a vendor business history, financial stability, and propensity for litigation

  • Each scope of review and investigation is tailor to solve your specific need

  • All critical vendor details are maintain on a secure database

  • 24/7 access to the security of critical vendor information database


Selecting the first vendor you speak with may seem to save you time at first, but you could be misplace negative info that can be dangerous down the road.  We assist you in finding real vendor by checking out their websites, looking at their size and the products they offer. We also find out do they integrate with systems and process client already use? Do they arrange training? Is there evidence they currently work with business like yours?

By understanding your vendor options very carefully, we will help you to choose the ones that will help you grow and thrive.

Our spending will vary depend on the how much screen is need for each vendor and the number of vendors for your service. Please contact us directly, so that we can offer you with a quote to meet your specific requirement.

REIT ltd will request minimal but required invoice and documents vendor management service.

Actually Not. You regulate and support all recommendation prior to implementation. Thus our specialized team implements them on your behalf.

We know your time is valuable and in most business resources are limited. REIT ltd works collaboratively for the highest results with minimal disruption to business operations and resources. Here, communication is made through our Vendor Management System portal provide one central location for customer / service communication. This removes various phone call and emails and bridge a tracking system between both parties

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