Foreign Loan in Bangladesh

Instructions to acquire qualification for Foreign Loan in Bangladesh

It is a typical practice for private area Companies to get assets from outside sources like unfamiliar advances. As per a new report by Bangladesh Bank, private area organizations resort to unfamiliar credits because of their low loan fees and low capital base of homegrown banks.

Prior to acquiring from an unfamiliar bank, the privately owned business in Bangladesh needs endorsement from the Scrutiny Committee of the Board of Investment.

Records Required

  • Properly filled in the recommended application structure

  • Board’s goal for the proposed unfamiliar advance

  • Advance Agreement between the gatherings

  • Appropriately filled in CIB Inquiry structure 1&2 and undertaking from its Sponsors or Directors.

  • CIB Certificate of the organization and its supporters

  • History of past unfamiliar credits/conceded installment (if accessible)

  • Examined Balance Sheet of the earlier year

  • Usage Certificate from designated Bank

  • State-of-the-art FICO score report of the organization

  • State-of-the-art monetary examination

  • State-of-the-art subtleties Feasibility report of the proposed project

  • Structure X, Form-XII, and Form-XV from RJSC&F

  • Testament of Incorporation of initiation

  • Update and Articles of Association


The candidate is needed to present the endorsed application structure along with the above recorded supporting archives. For conclusive endorsement, a completely archived proposition should be introduced before the Scrutiny Committee represented by the Governor of the Bangladesh bank.

The candidate will get leeway dependent on the suggestion of the Committee and pay the selected charge into the assigned bank and get a cash receipt from BIDA. At that point, a letter will be given from BIDA if the candidate gets an endorsement.