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Instructions to acquire qualification for Foreign Loan services in Bangladesh

It is a typical practice for private area Companies to get assets from outside sources like unfamiliar advances. As per a new report by Bangladesh Bank, private area organizations resort to unfamiliar credits because of their low loan fees and low capital base of homegrown banks.

Prior to acquiring from an unfamiliar bank, the privately owned business in Bangladesh needs endorsement from the Scrutiny Committee of the Board of Investment.

Our foreign loan services to intermediary banks, leasing companies, and other financial institutions for on-lending.

foreign loan services in bangladesh

Require The Following Documents To Get Right International Loan To Cover Your Personal Needs

With Successful System Cycle, We Ensure Foreign Loan Legally


The candidate is needed to present the endorsed application structure along with the above recorded supporting archives for foreign loan services. For conclusive endorsement, a completely archived proposition should be introduced before the Scrutiny Committee represented by the Governor of the Bangladesh bank.


The candidate will get leeway dependent on the suggestion of the Committee and pay the selected charge into the assigned bank and get a cash receipt from BIDA. At that point, a letter will be given from BIDA if the candidate gets an endorsement.


Opportunity International customers regularly get their initial advance through a Trust Group, a gathering of 10 to 30 business visionaries who guarantee the danger of each other’s advances. They meet consistently to get preparing, make installments, and deal with their aggregate assets.


Foreign loan services help business visionaries increment their profit and prepare families to accommodate themselves. As customers put their credits into their organizations—buying supplies, information sources, hardware, or stock— they can develop their activities, increment their deals, and improve their occupations.

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You can use our loan comparison tool on this page to see whether you’re eligible and compare lenders; it takes less than 10 seconds to see if a lender is right for you. After that, you can apply directly online. Your loan could be approved in as little as a few weeks.

We’ve created the world’s first international foreign loan comparison tool, which matches you with lenders based on your specific requirements. Simply fill out a brief application, and we’ll connect you with all of the lenders who are willing to help. Check out our international foreign loan comparison tool to find which loans are right for you.

If you repay your loan before the term finishes, most of the lenders we partner with will not charge you any additional costs or charge you a penalty.

The majority of candidates will receive a response in a matter of seconds. However, if we need more information from you, our decision may be delayed. We may also reject your application if your financial situation or creditworthiness has changed materially, or for other legal reasons.

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