Loan Processing And Equity With Better Financial Management.

Loan Processing is a time-consuming and painstaking procedure in any country. It requires highly trained professionals to forward a borrower’s application through the system and towards closing. Delay in processing the application sometimes can result in losing your prospective client.

We, at REIT Ltd Resources, understand the urgency and manage credit and loan processing services outsourcing in Bangladesh at a faster turnaround time with utmost care. Our professional team has vast experience working with loans in every sector and so we are familiar with the intricacies involved in each type of loan. 

We provide document verification services, personal discussion and credit appraisal Income estimation  of the borrower, CPA activity, Legal and technical valuations, Verification with the Registrar of Companies for the following services:

  • Automobile Loans

  • Business Loan

  • Consumer Durable Products

  • Credit Cards

  • Home loan

  • Bank’s Current Accounts

  • Business Loan

  • Personal Loan Customers

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Asset Equity Management With Capital Raising

Our Loan Processing and Equity Management experts work with the clients to do a detailed analysis of the documents, data, and capitalization table and clean up and reconcile your history for managing comprehensive equity plans. Then we implement a flexible software solution according to your reporting needs and budget.

  • We create a complete project plan which covers everything from data scrubbing and reconciliation of transactional data to differences in expensing between current and future system

  • We provide assistance with the selection of the administration platform for both broker and transfer agent

  • We provide assistance to employee and external shareholder communications

  • We use state of the art automation to ensure data integrity and to convert your plans from spreadsheets, databases, or other formats to the new system

  • Reconcile transactional data and any sort of document discrepancies as necessary for client’s  auditors

  • Help to calculate expensing and draft audit memos

  • We help to design process flows for daily administration and expense reporting

  • We ensure that proper controls are in place for the successful administration of the project plan

Financial management & Fraud Control

REIT Ltd Resources has professional experience in the verification of various kinds of documents submitted by the client at the time of applying for the loan. We perform extensive verification checks and detailed analysis on all submitted documentation, as well as for employment (VoE), mortgages (VoM), deposit (VoD), and property sale history. The document check includes:

  • Income Documents

  • Bank Statement

  • Salary proof

  • Customer personal verification.

  • Loan tracks

  • Educational certificates

  • NID card/Voter I card

  • Telephone bills/ Electricity and Water bills

  • Rent Agreement with landlord

  • Criminal Records Verification

  • Address checks

  • Telephone Verification (TVR)

Credit Appraisal And Personal Consultation

We assess the client’s credit value and assist banks in taking credit decisions by Credit Appraisal and Face to Face Interview for Personal Discussion and Income Estimation through meeting clients at their business place. 

We interact with approved, licensed appraisers and order the appropriate kind of appraisal (depending on the loan amount, loan-to-value ratio, etc.) after providing appropriate information to the appraiser and reviewing the fees charged for the service. This is carried out by a team of Chartered Accountants and MBA’s.

  • Face to face meeting with the clients

  • Credit appraisal and making an assessment of financials, Income Estimation

  • Detail Profile verification checks

  • Review of financials

  • Detailed ratio analysis.

  • CPA audits

The customers assessed by us include :

  • Salaried clients

  • Self-employed businessmen (SME)

  • Self-employed professionals such as Doctors

  • Corporate customers

Loan Processing

 Loan Processing From The Beginning To The Final Stage Of Disbursement

We help to manage end-to-end entire proposal of loan processing activities for loans which involve, pre-login review, processing, documents verification, personal discussions, balance sheet review, disbursal, data entry, scanning, reject uploads, and other post disbursal monitoring activities. 

Exhaustive verification are performed and report prepared to provide details of shareholders, directors, a charge created on a company as well the financials filed with the Registrar of Companies. A brief overview discussion is done with the client to review the end-use of the loan processing.

Our expert CPA processing provides services for the following:

  • Automobile Loans

  • Personal Loans

  • Business Loans

  • Mortgage/ Home loans

  • Consumer Durable loans

Loan Processing And Equity Management Service In Bangladesh

No matter your company is either public, private, small, regional, national, or global corporation, we can give complete assurance that you can find all the solutions you need to give your employees and executives an excellent stock and loan processing and equity administration solution and service by reducing overheads and costs and staying compliant with regulatory requirements.

Equity compensation administration requires an extensive understanding of four core disciplines – accounting, tax, securities law, and plan, design, analysis & administration – in order to ensure that a plan is compliant with the laws and regulations on loan processing and equity compensation and sales of securities. 

At REIT Ltd Resources, our professional CPAs, Certified Equity Professionals (CEPs), valuation experts can streamline the equity management process and provide technical accounting along with hands-on software expertise. We take the time to learn about our client’s strategies and plans and help them to achieve their goals through our customized equity compensation.

Whether you’re putting in long days and nights laying the groundwork for your IPO or just need an ASC 718 spreadsheet calculation, we seamlessly can serve every part of your equity program according to your need. 

At REIT Ltd Resources you can get customized equity consulting and employee stock option administration services monthly, quarterly, and yearly end reporting, along with transactions such as financing, mergers, IPOs, and modifications.