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Transfer of property in Bangladesh refers to the handover of the property either by the parties or by operation of law which is governed by the Transfer of Act 1982. In this act transfer of property means an act by which a living person allocates property in present or in future to one or more other living persons which includes a company or associations or body of individuals.

At we provide composite proficient services of consultancy, advisory, and assisting inland revenue and property matters including resolution of disputes, updating of records, advising on the procurement of authentic documents, assisting in revenue records searches, partition, succession, division, sale, purchase, acquisition, etc. Moreover, we provide general advisory and consultancy services for all property-related matters, disputes, and requirements. We are a Transfer of Property Consultancy in Bangladesh solving all the property-related issues that you face during the transfer and negotiation of contracts by adhering to laws, regulations, guidelines, and specifications.

Reliable Transfer of Property Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh

1.Registration is Obligatory

According to the law of Bangladesh, the deed by which the property will be transferred is compulsory to be registered with the relevant Sub Registry Office. Non registered document has no such legal value and therefore any party will not be able to impose his/her right if the deed is not registered.

2.Record of Rights Services

If the conveyor’s name is not found in the latest Khatian or his/her name is not mutated, the Sub Registrar will decline to register the transfer deed. For this reason, it is mandatory to mutate the name of the transferor in the latest Khatian.

3.Property Transfer Deed Format

There is a predefined format for the relocation of property set by the Government of Bangladesh, by a gazette notification. The format needs to be used for any kind of property transfer.

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We advise and provide full suite consultancy services for transfer of property matters including, assistance in obtaining title clearance documents, authentic search reports of concerned offices of Sub-Registrar of Assurances, inheritance, gift, donation or trust formation, etc. Not only that we also assist in land acquisition-related matters, Agricultural Land property, advisory services on taxation, on the transfer of property by sale, gift, purchase, lease, donation, merge, etc.

  • Know the valuation or the market price: We help you to ensure all kinds of support so that you get the precise valuation of your property before transferring it. It will also help you to get a clear idea about the fluctuations of the capital gains tax event (CGT event).

  • Warranty deed: We help you to process to get a warranty deed in order to transfer the property to another person’s name. It is also referred to as the “Grant Deed”. This approach of transfer is the transfer in ownership of the property and promises transfer of property of the owner to the transferee.

  • The legal description of the property: It is very much important to mention a precise legal description of your property at the time of transferring. We help you to fill in the details like your present and permanent address, landmark, few specifications, and dimensions are the details which are needed to be mentioned.

  • Purchase price:  If you are selling the property, you need to enter the purchase price. If you’re gifting the property, you will need to mention the nominal monetary amount in the form.

  • Notarizing the deed: While you’re transferring or notarizing your property, it is a vital factor to find a suitable notary public in order to notarize the deed. We at Azuwa Resources can help you notarize the deed from a trusted source.

Our 4 Best Quality Procedure For Transfer Of Property

Property transfer is not as easy as you might think. If you own a it in Bangladesh and wish to transfer it to another person’s name you always need to think legally. We can help you complete all the processes of transferring following all the legal guidelines and policies. As, it can vary from a unit to flats, apartments, houses, holiday houses, vacant blocks of land, and rental properties. So, there are four types of transfer of property possible in  Bangladesh which are Sale, Lease, Exchange, and Gift. Property can be also transferred by way of inheritance and mortgage.

The contract for Sale: A contract for sale is formed between the seller and buyer when the seller and buyer agree to sell and purchase the property at a later stage. This contract builds a personal obligation between the buyer and seller, the possession of the property is not transferred by a contract for sale. A contract for sale needs to be registered with the relevant Sub Registry Office.



Sale refers to the transfer of possession in exchange for a price paid or part paid or promised. A sale cannot be complete unless the price is determined.



When two persons or companies mutually exchange the ownership of one thing for the ownership of another thing or both things being money only, the transaction is called an exchange.



A lease of immovable property is a convey of right to enjoy such property, made for a certain time limit or implied, in consideration of a price paid or promised or service or any other thing of value or of money a share of crops, service, or any other thing of value.



Gift refers to the transfer of certain existing movable property which has been made voluntarily and without the concern by one person called the donor, to another called the done and received by or on behalf of the done.

FAQs For Transfer Of Property Services

Person can create an interest in a property which will only take effect when a specified uncertain event occurs. Contingent interests are known as such.

An ostensible owner is different from a real owner, referring to someone who appears or claims to be the real owner of property in the eyes of the public. When the transferee is acting in good faith and taking reasonable care to determine the status of the transferor, a transfer of property made by such a person is not voidable, simply because he was not entitled to make the transfer.

The seller must disclose to the buyer all material defects in the property being sold before the sale occurs. For the conveyance to be in favor of the buyer, he also needs the title deeds. As soon as the sale has been completed, the seller is obliged to give possession to the purchaser, as well as to deliver the title deeds once the price has been received.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to disclose all material facts to the seller that he has reason to believe the seller might be unaware of and that would materially increase the seller’s interest in the property. As well, once the sale has been concluded, the buyer must pay the purchase price to the seller or any other person as directed by the seller.

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