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Private placement Share refers to a funding round of securities that are sold through a private offering but not through a public offering, mostly to a small number of chosen investors. A private placement is also well-known as a private placement debt offering the private sale, or issue of equity securities or corporate debt by a company or to a selected number of investors.


The policy for private placement is quite different, and according to the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission, private placements are subject to newer guidelines. We help companies to do a private placement with the proper source of selected investors by following the legal procedures of Bangladesh. Contact us for placement share service in Bangladesh.

A private placement issuance is an approach for institutional investors to lend to companies in the same way as banks, with a “buy-and-hold” approach, and with no necessary trading or public disclosures. There are three main features that would categorize a securities issue as a private placement:

  • The securities are not publicly accessible

  • The securities are not necessary to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

  • The investors need to be limited in number and are “accredited”.

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Ensuring Long-Term Advantage With Private Placement Share

We can guide you to work with your investors for long-term private placement Share. Private placement share provide long-term maturities than typical bank financing, at a fixed interest rate. This is best for when a business is presented with a growth opportunity where they wouldn’t see the return on their investment right away.

A business would have more time to pay back the private placement share while having the assurance of financing cost over the life of that investment. Again, private placements are generally known as “buy-and-hold”, so the company would be benefited from having a long-term relationship with the same investor throughout the life of the financing.

Speed in Execution

If you go with the right approach then the growth and maturity of the private placement market can lead to improved standardization of documentation, visibility of pricing and terms, increased capability for financings as well as overall augment of size and depth of the market. Our professional method will help you to do a private placement versus a corporate bond in the public market because the issuer is not required to expend time creating a prospectus and registering with a securities commission which will create a faster execution.

A Complement to Existing Financing

Private equity also helps diversify the company’s capital sources and capital structure. Because the terms can be customized, private equity can supplement existing financial debt rather than compete with it, and can allow companies to better manage their debt obligations. In a market cycle where bank liquidity may be tight, diversification of funding sources is particularly important. Therefore, we help to use appropriate channels for private placement.

Privacy and Control

We give priority to our clients and help them negotiate private equity transactions confidentially. Private placement enables companies to value their privacy in order to maintain privacy. Through a private placement, the company does not need to be responsible to public shareholders. Long-term capital is important for companies to make long-term investments. Therefore, we help raise funds through private placements, which are most often used to support long-term plans rather than short-term needs, such as working capital.

Raise Your Capitals with us for Long Term Investment

Therefore, we help raise funds through the issuance of private equity, which is most often used to support long-term plans rather than short-term needs, such as working capital. Both public companies and private companies use the funds raised by private placements in the following ways:

  • Debt refinancing

  • Debt diversification

  • Expansion/Growth capital

  • Stock buyback/Recapitalisation

  • Taking a public company private

  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)


Under these exceptions, no more than 35 non-accredited investors may partake in a private placement. In most cases, all investors must have enough financial knowledge and experience to be proficient of evaluating the risks and good qualities of investing in a company.

Private Placement Lock up Period refers, with respect to Private Placement Shares that are apprehended by the primary purchasers of such Private Placement Shares. Otherwise it can be their Permitted Transferees, the dated ending 30 days after the completion of the Corporation’s initial Business Combination.

REIT Ltd expert team helps their clients dealing with reduced market for the bonds or shares in your business, which may have a long-term effect on the value of the business as a whole. Moreover, a limited number of potential investors, who may not desire to invest large amounts individually.

When Shares are delivered at a value lower than their face value, they are said to have been issued at a discount. Like, if a share of Taka 100 is issued at Taka 95, then Taka  5 (i.e. TK 100—95) is the amount of discount.

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